Autobag Bagging Equipment

Pro Pac offers Autobag baggers and bagging equipment by Sealed Air. The Autobag line includes a wide range of bagging systems from simple tabletop models to semi and fully automatic bag-on-a-roll packaging machines. Autobag equipment includes bag-on-a-roll baggers, AirPouch void fill systems, counters, sorters, weigh scales, conveyors, thermal transfer bag printers, and custom-engineered bag packaging systems.

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Autobag Baggers

Autobag utilizes advanced technology and innovative engineering to lead the industry with high-productivity baggers and bagging equipment for hand load, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic bag packaging.

Autobag Scales, Counters & Conveyors

Autobag infeed systems integrate with Autobag's baggers to create a completely automatic bagging operation for maximum productivity and cost savings. These weigh scales, counters, and conveyors accommodate a wide range of product sizes, shapes, weights, and volumes for high speed packaging.

Autobag Thermal Transfer Printers

Autobag high-speed thermal transfer imprinters are designed for easy integration with Autobag and SidePouch baggers and poly bag packaging systems. These imprinters eliminate the need for a separate label printing operation by printing directly on the poly bag during the bagging process.

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