Qual Pac Contract Packaging Services

Quality Packaging, the contract packaging division of Pro Pac, is your resource for a wide range of contract packaging services. Qual Pac specializes in large-volume, fast turnaround packaging projects - whether for a quick promotional run or for a long-term ongoing packaging relationship.

We offer a broad range of contract packaging services including shrink wrapping, shrink bundling, blister and clamshell packaging, fin seal flow wrap packaging, bagging and filling, labeling and printing, cartoning and case packing, and variety and multi-packing.

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Contract Display Assembly Services

Quality Packaging display assembly teams ensure large volumes of your display components and products are received, inventoried, assembled, and distributed on time.

Contract Shrink Bundling Services

With or without a corrugated support tray or pad, Qual Pac's shrink bundling services will re-pack and package your combo and multi-packed bottles and cans.

Contract Carton Loading Services

Qual Pac can quickly auto-load very large quantities of your products into chipboard cartons. Or our trained operators can manually load your fragile products or precisely arranged products as required.

Contract Fin Seal Flow Wrapping Services

Need to have a million products packaged quickly? Qual Pac's fin seal packaging services offer you a high-speed process for wrapping large quantities of your products in sealed tamper-resistant material.

Contract Variety Packaging Services

Qual Pac's variety packaging services bring several products into one package for a special promotion or for a long term retail presence. We specialize in handling combined products with efficiency and care.

Contract Bagging Services

For commercial and industrial packaging, Qual Pac provides the right bagging solutions for packaging your products. Poly bags can be plain or printed, and come in stock or custom sizes with a variety of construction designs such as zippers, headers, and hang holes.

Contract Blister & Clamshell Packaging Services

Qual Pac's fast blister and clamshell packaging services are perfect for small consumer products that require a high level of security and product visibility. Use our blister packaging services with stock or custom blisters.

Contract Shrink Wrapping Services

Versatile and popular, shrink film solves a wide variety of retail and industrial packaging needs. Protect and clearly display your retail products with contract shrink wrapping services from Qual Pac.

Contract Labeling Services

Sometimes a simple label is the perfect solution for adding art and information to your retail product or for providing required detail on your master shipping cases. Qual Pac offers automated, fast, and accurate labeling services.

Contract Date & Lot Coding Services

Qual Pac provides both thermal transfer and high-resolution ink jet date coding printing services. We will code your individual retail packages, your multi-pack cartons and bundles, and your master shipping cases.

Contract Case Packing Services

Case packing is almost always required for shipping your products. Qual Pac's trained operators will expertly pack your cases to minimize voids and carefully protect your product.

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